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When Evans Mahero Namai was starting his company, he was faced with the challenge of giving it a professional look as well as putting in place an efficient data management system.

Using a generic email did not meet the criteria.

He opted for a cloud- based solution for his digital office needs which included email as well as document storage.

“I had heard of the cloud but I was worried about the security aspect,” he says. This was to soon be forgotten once he was taken through the security protocol of accessing private data on the cloud.

“The cloud is paperless and I can access my data from a quick click wherever I am,” he says.

He got a package for his small firm that gave him access to professional emails and a storage for all documents which he simply scans and stores on the cloud and can access with a simple search.

His story reads like that of hundreds of other small businesses which usually start off as briefcase outfits in search of a professional, efficient- looking digital presence without the extra cost of having servers and technical expertise in terms of maintenance.

The cloud allows users to pay only for what he or she uses, says Clare Mungai and Rasto Kiplangat of M2M Systems Limited, a cloud solution provider.

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