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Webinar: We’ve been hacked – the evolution of pentesting
Oct 01, 2020 Types of test We will go over a brief description on what a black, white, and grey box penetration test is before diving into a live demo. The demo will involve a common approach that a malicious actor may take when attempting to gain access to a company’s environment. Attack Methods Our approach will cover user enumeration, password spraying, lateral movement, and persistence with a backdoor. Goal of testing Ultimately, the goal is the discovery and elimination of security risks. To make that specific to your situation, you have to consider several questions which we will cover. 4 Things every Penetration Test report should have Penetration test reports are very important and provide you with the structured detailed of the test after the engagement has completed. The report is everything.


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Tech Talk with Terryanne aired weekly on South Africa’s GoldFM 104.3 radio station. The podcasts, hosted by BUI Cyber MXDR Team Lead Terryanne du Toit, tackled a wide range of technology topics, trends, and talking points. Listen to the recordings to learn more.

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